Wood Fibre Solutions

>  Overview

Wood Fibre Solutions Overview

Recent research and development for sustainable and renewable fibre reinforcement materials has produced Wood Fibre Reinforcement solutions, a potential alternative for existing thermoplastic components. They are eco-friendly solutions to substitute the existing metallic and synthetic fibre reinforced structures in various industries. Wood fibre reinforcements have applications dating back to thousands of years. In this present scenario they are a source to low-cost and biodegradable design solutions.

Wood fibre reinforcements are made of natural resources and thus process environmentally beneficial properties. Recent research and development in the field of wood fibre reinforcements prove that they are having superior NVH and acoustic characteristics. They have promising material properties with improved impact and fatigue properties. With excellent aesthetic properties, light weight and low-cost indexes, they are best-fit use for interiors in automobile.

At Spectrus through our global strategic partners we provide wood fibre based solutions which are engineered to give maximum life to your products with improved performance index. Presently wide variety of Wood Fibre grade are available based on selected matrix systems which provide eco-friendly and cost effective solutions.

We provide Wood Fiber based solution based on

  • Wood Fibre Mats (Thermoforming grades)
  • Wood Fibre Preforms (High-Temperature Grades)
  • Wood Fibre + PP Sheets (Medium Strength Grades)
  • Hybrid Wood Fibre Thermoplastic Sheets (High Strength Applications)
  • Wood Fibre Based Thermoforming Sheets
>  Benefits

Wood Fibre Main Benefits

Main Benefits

  • Light weight interior solutions
  • Material can be tailored as per the customer requirements
  • Low-cost product lines
  • High production rates
  • Good specific strength and impact resistance providing safe interior solutions
  • Durable products with improved NVH characteristics
  • Recyclable and Eco-friendly
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Design flexibility in shapes and forms
  • Excellent aesthetic characteristics
  • Excellent acoustic characteristics
>  Applications

Wood Fibre Applications

Applications of wood fibre reinforced products are increasing day by day. Wood fibre reinforcements with their characteristics and features fit best in automotive interior applications.

Automotive Door Panel provides weight reduction and cost reduction.Door inserts which are stronger and lighter than the existing design.Seat Back Panel provide improved performance with weight reduction.Carrier Dashboards improved the performance index and production rate.

Packaging trays for various applications which are light weight and cost effective are developed using wood fibre reinforcements.

Eco-friendly house-hold products can be produced using wood fibre reinforcements.