Unser Ethos(our Ethos)

Our Vision

    • Global leader

      To become a leading global service provider for advanced engineering & IT services.

    • Cost competitive

      To offer the best and cost competitive business proposition for our clients.

    • Sustainable Technology

      To become an active player in driving sustainable technology.

    • Create a Great Work Environment

      To create a passionate working environment for employees in a ethical and sustainable manner.

Our Principles

    • Fairness

      Fairness in everything we do.

    • Transparency

      Transparency to our stakeholders.

    • Commitment

      Committed to our promises.

    • Respect

      Mutual respect and self disciplined.

Our Values

  • Customer Orientation

    • Listen and respond to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders
    • Clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations
    • Deliver innovative and competitive products and services
    • Make it easy to work with us
    • Excel at customer satisfaction
  • Discipline

    • Conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism
    • Ensure a safe, clean and injury-free workplace
    • Make and meet commitments
    • Properly plan, fund and staff projects
    • Pay attention to detail
  • Quality

    • Achieve the highest standards of excellence
    • Do the right things right
    • Continuously learn, develop and improve
    • Take pride in our work

  • Risk Taking

    • Foster innovation and creative thinking
    • Embrace change and challenge the status quo
    • Listen to all ideas and viewpoints
    • Learn from our successes and mistakes
    • Encourage and reward informed risk taking
  • Great Place to Work

    • Be open and direct
    • Promote a challenging work environment that develops our diverse workforce
    • Work as a team with respect and trust for each other
    • Win and have fun
    • Recognize and reward accomplishments
    • Manage performance fairly and firmly
    • Be an asset to our communities worldwide
  • Results Orientation

    • Set challenging and competitive goals
    • Focus on output
    • Assume responsibility
    • Constructively confront and solve problems
    • Execute flawlessly