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    Spectrus and Simzu have agreed to set-up a Joint-Venture (JV) to leverage our capabilities and together develop the technical bamboo fibre composites market for industrial applications.

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    The automotive industry showing an inclination towards technology transition, CIOReviw assists the organisations which need the best vendors/partners who can understand their needs to choose the right products. Spectrus Informatics, a provider of advanced engineering solutions and services, cost effective solutions, specialising in composites based light weight solutions to automotive industry, featured one among “20 Most Promising Automotive Technology Solution Providers” according to CIO Review.

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  • JEC Group, well known for its expertise organises several composites shows and conferences creating a niche platform for Composites industry facilitating the development of business-to-business know-how and connections within the composite industry, highlighting Automation, Aeronautics and Building & Construction industries
    at the JEC Americas Composites Conference & Show in Boston.
    It was a unique opportunity for Spectrus Informatics to partcipate in this event and showcase their composites engineering services, innovative composites materials and solutions.

  • iwst

    A memorandum of understanding was signed  between Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST), Bengaluru  and Spectrus
    Informatics Private Limited (Spectrus), Bengaluru at  IWST  on 29th April 2016 to develop innovative technologies commercialize bamboo fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites for mass production and high value applications. Spectrus desires to develop and commercialize bamboo fibre reinforced composites materials for mass production suitable for industrial and consumer applications. 

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  • Spectrus Informatics presented papers at the Altair Technology Conference held on July 14 -15, 2015


    Autcasestudies1omotive industry is going through a transformational phase with increased pressure to reduce weight, increase volume and remain sustainable. In our project, we have carried out an exercise to understand the benefits of replacing conventional wheel material with carbon fiber reinforcement composite for the vehicle wheel. Here, we could reduce wheel weight, unsprung mass of the vehicle, and improved rotation inertia. A linear static analysis of the wheel was carried out in Optistruct and the results calculated empirically. The wheel weight was reduced by 40-50% when compared to conventional materials.


    In our project, we have carried out an exercise to understand the benefits of replacing conventional material with composites for the engine hood. The engine hood is required to maintain its appearance and resist warpage such that the material resists the hood loading. We used Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Composite for Upper-cover and Glass Fibre SMC for the lower cover. The major purpose of this study is to design a hood in one piece with rib-type reinforcements made of sheet moulding compounds (SMC), thermoset based composites reinforced with fiber-glass. 


    The automotivcase2e leaf springs play a major role in the production cost and efficiency of vehicles. Manufacturers are continuously looking for improved design of automobile leaf springs to gain competitive advantage. The aim of this paper is to share our experience on design and analysis of Glass Fibre Reinforced mono composite leaf spring using Optistruct to get better structural stiffness with weight reduction. The optimization is concluded and it resulted with a minimum mass design, significantly reduced lapse of time prior to manufacturing.