Innen- und Außenbereich(I&E)

Products we Support

  • Interiors

    Automotive Interiors are increasingly being seen as a true living space and integrated occupant safety has become our focus point. Users want an interior that is a reflection of themselves. They are looking for customized comfort and style that lets one enjoy a unique driving experience.

  • Exteriors

    Automotive Exteriors, Plastic as a material has largely been accepted by most OEM auto makers. Spectrus provides complete design and development with cost effective solution for Auto exterior. For future growth we seek to supply complete front end systems, including JIT-sequenced delivery!

  • BIW

    We have comprehensive experience in the development process from design, product engineering, virtual simulation to validation for automotive body-in-white panels and complete structures whilst always focusing on weight reduction through the use of new material concepts.
    Our expertise & references include but not limited to the following products
    Cross Car Beams (CCB)
    Outer Panels
    Steering Column
    Structural BiW parts

Process we support

  • Product Design

    Class A Surfacing

  • Feasibility

    Package Study

  • Product Development

    Engineering Concepts
    Part Design
    Tolerance Stake-up
    Tooling Consideration

  • Detailing

    Part Drawing
    Product Drawing

  • CAE

    Mould Flow

  • Prototype

    Prototype tooling

  • Tooling

    Tool Design
    Fixture Design
    Tool manufacturing

  • Methodology

    Design Guidelines
    CAD Methodology
    Quality Check

Our Experience

  • Interior

    Instrument panel Design and development
    Floor and center console including its feature
    Occupant safety system
    Over head system
    Seating Systems
    Pillar Trims
    Gap flash analysis

  • Exterior

    Bumper – Front and Rear
    Front and rear grill

Recent Projects from Spectrus team

  • IP

    Instrument Panel

  • door trim

    Door Trim

  • pillar


  • Pillar

    Pillar Trims