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What We Do

Spectrus provides industry-leading capabilities in information technology and high-tech engineering services operating from India while collaborating with our partners overseas. Spectrus Group offers two core solutions namely IT Solutions and Engineering Solutions.

Industries we serve

We work with various industries such as Automotive, Aviation, Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Agriculture, etc.

About Us

Simple & Humble Beginning

Spectrus started its operations with the objective of providing a high quality spectrum of services where technology plays an important role in delivering business value.

At Spectrus group, our ideology revolves around developing products and solutions, leveraging emerging and advanced technologies in a sustainable way. This thought is embedded in our every service and solution. Our idea is to innovate and execute ideas that pave way for a more and better sustained future.

In order to achieve the same, our team constantly work closely with the technologies available, developing products and solutions that act as a roadmap to a more sustainable future. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, we have our operations in China, UK, Germany and US.


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