Glass Fibre Solutions

Glass fibre is a reinforced material which is strong, lightweight and cost-effective. Glass fibre being  highly resistant is a suitable composite material in various applications. Glass fibre is a fire resistant material which is noncombustible.



glass leafspring

Composite Leaf Spring

Automobile industry has shown increased interest in the replacement of steel spring with glass fibre composite leaf spring due to high strength to weight ratio. At Spectrus we aim at design & develop of complete mono composite leaf spring. A single leaf with variable thickness for constant cross-sectional area of unidirectional glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) with similar mechanical and geometrical properties to the steel multi-leaf spring, was designed, fabricated (HP-RTM technique) and tested. Compared to the steel spring, the composite spring has the weight which is upto 85 % lower.



Composite Exterior Panel

At Spectrus we redesigned the metallic panel with glass fibre material which provides the cost and weight saving with improved performance. Many metallic panels are currently converted into composite based panel as they provide   along with lightweight and low cost also the corrosion resistance which extends the life of the product.