Electrical Engineering

At Spectrus, we cater to the needs and requirements for power industries with a commitment of quality and service. We support industries in electrical circuit design, wire harnessing by considering to stringent packaging constraints.We provide a wide range of integrated electrical engineering services across multiple industries such as transportation, aerospace, heavy engineering, energy sector with a commitment of quality and service to our clients.

Our Services include:

  • Electrical schematics: Single and three-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, metering, power, control and protection schematics; design, migration and change management; reports, database and bills of materials (BOM)
  •  Harnesses: Electrical wiring data; mechanical harness specs and routing; configuration and BOM data; component specifications; manufacturing drawings and reports
  • Electro-mechanical: 2D and 3D design, migration, and change management; reports, database and BOM; and CAD data creation from physical parts
  • Control panel: Design  and fabrication supports   as per  customer  requirements
  • Mould  heating  system: Composite epoxy mould heating system drags  and  assembly  support  as per customer  requirements.