Composites Engineering

At Spectrus, we offer a wide range of light-weight, high performance, composite product design solutions for new products and existing metal/plastic part conversions. Spectrus delivers high-tech, high-value advanced engineering solutions and end to end service accountability to our clientele. Unique to the composites industry, is the ability to create a product, tool manufacturing from many different manufacturing processes.
Engineering Composites harnessed with suitable physical and chemical properties, due to their diversified composition such as ease of manufacturing, reduced cost, durability, adaptability, attract the attention of many clients and varied industries. Engineering Composites are chosen over other materials due to their high strength and stiffness.

Our Capabilities in Composites Engineering includes:

  • Concept Design
  • Product Design
  • Process Design
  • Detailing
  • CAE
  • Methodology

At Spectrus, our technical expertise harness composites technology in various industries like Automotive, Energy and Marine, Aerospace & Defence.

Processes we support

  • Handlayup


  • Sprayup


  • Smc


  • RIM


  • Rtm


  • comp 2


  • VB

    Vaccum Infusion

  • Auto