Carbon Fibre Solutions

>  Overview

Carbon Fibre Solutions Overview

With the increasing demand for new and superior components for automobile and aerospace industry, carbon fibre reinforcing is a key technology to achieve light weight, low cost structural components. Automotive industry being new to this technology has greater scope and wide range of applications. By reducing the weight of the components we will be able to reduce CO2 emission, fuel consumption and reduce the impact on environment.
Carbon Fibre Reinforcements offer high specific stiffness and strength when compared to conventional design materials like steel and aluminium. Weight reduction by 50-65 % is common when replacing conventional steel designs with Carbon Fibre reinforcements. Aluminium structures are getting replaced with 30% weight reduction targets.
Carbon Fibre Reinforced Parts are used in almost all major industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Wind Energy, Oil and Gas, Transportation and Construction.
Hybridisation of Carbon Fibre reinforcements with Bamboo fibres is an emerging technology. This will ensure cost- effective high performance structural solutions to the emerging needs in the industry.
At Spectrus, we undertake design and analysis projects for developing Carbon Fibre Reinforced products.

For providing design solutions we consider following reinforcements:

    • Carbon Fibre BD prepeg
    • Carbon Fibre UD prepeg
    • Carbon Fibre BD dry fabric
    • Carbon Fibre UD dry fabric
  • Key projects handled by Spectrus include:

    Automotive Wheel                                                        Floor Panel                                                Hybrid Engine Hood

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>  Benefits

Carbon Fibre Main Benefits

Major advantages by using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics are:

  • High  specific strength
  • High specific stiffness
  • Light weight
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent fatigue properties and durability
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • Excellent UV resistance

>  Applications

Carbon Fibre Applications

Carbon Fibre Reinforcements known for its applications in aerospace and high end automotive sectors, are getting wider in the field of sports equipment, medical equipment and construction. Carbon fibre reinforcements are used in other sectors like Wind energy and Oil and Natural Gas.

Owing to their light-weight, high efficiency and performance benefits, carbon fibre is used in Automotive BIW, interiors and exteriors.

Carbon fibre solutions for various applications to meet the needs of aerospace industries.

Construction can be relatively robust and cost effective if constructed from carbon fibre rather than the conventional construction materials.

Carbon fibre is widely used in making sports equipment such as lightweight badminton rackets, golf stick which are light weight and durable.