Bamboo Fibre- “A Blooming Innovation”

The term “Go Green” has curtailed the negative influence of the products we use. For the environmental friendly consumers “bamboo fibre” has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative as it is a renewable resource which does not require any artificial growing supports.

Many of the industries today are opting for bamboo fibre solutions due to their excellent performance characteristics.

Bamboo fibre composites are eco-friendly and biodegradable substitute which is extensively available, naturally grown, tougher, economical, light-weight, corrosion-free, stress-resistant.

Why choose “Bamboo” as an eco-friendly substitute?

  • Bamboo is grown throughout the year
  • Bamboo has a remarkable growth rate
  • Energy required to produce is less compared to other fibres
  • Bamboo is  fast growing which does not require fertilisers or pesticides

 Importance of “Bamboo Fibre” today

In many of the Asian countries today, Bamboo is used vastly in household utilities, furniture, fishing poles, handicrafts, construction panels and other industries. Bamboo has transformed the composites world with its boundless applications.

What Spectrus offers

The processing of Bamboo is entirely mechanical without the use of harsh chemicals making it the lightest natural composite. At Spectrus with the help of our partners, we can cater to superior quality of extracting and processing of bamboo fibre. Our Engineers with a knowledge on natural composites deliver high-quality solutions as per client’s requirements aiming at cost optimisation, weight reduction.

Bamboo fibre has made a remarkable divergence in the automobile and transport industries due to their reduced weight, low cost, biodegradability and recyclability. Being a sustainable alternative, it is widely used for construction, industry, household utilities, sports and leisure. Due to its excellent NVH properties, it meets the requirements of the aerospace and shipping industries.

Spectrus offers Bamboo fibre solutions based on

  • Bamboo Particle Reinforcements
  • Short Fibre Bamboo Reinforcements
  • Long Fibre Bamboo Reinforcement
  • Bamboo + PP Granules
  • Bamboo + ABS Pellets
  • Bamboo Fabric 
  • Bamboo Mats
  • Bamboo Yarns 
  • Activated Bamboo

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